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Swollen Tongue - Important Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Swollen Tongue

Swollen Tongue – Important Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

17 November 2011 | Swollen Tongue | Tags: , ,

Swollen Tongue is a severe abnormal condition where the entire tongue or just a portion of it is bloated, enlarged or distended due to some serious health issues.

The symptoms of chronic Swollen Tongue over a prolonged period of time can be caused due to other health implications like sarcoma, acromegaly, Down syndrome or oral cancer. With frequent bloating of the tongue, the life threatening anaphylactic allergy can also be caused due to Swollen Tongue.

Causes of Swollen Tongue

Swollen Tongue is not a major issue, but is just the implication of some serious health condition that can be detrimental to your life. As such, it is important to diagnose the cause and treat it from the roots to eliminate all chances of further serious ailments. Several infections can cause a tongue inflammation that includes syphilis, herpes simplex, yeast infection, and strep contagion. However, certain allergic causes like drug allergy from codeine and penicillin, insect bite, anaphylactic allergy, and food allergy can also cause Swollen Tongue in human beings.

It has also been noticed that general trauma and irritant attacks can cause a bloat due to biting of the tongue, chewing of tobacco, use of various dental appliances, and burning of the tongue due to spicy food and hot liquids. Some other health implications like Down syndrome, acromegaly, pellagra, hypothyroidism, hereditary angioedema, congenital disorder, tongue cancer, pernicious anemia, oral neurofibroma, and several others have been traced as the common causes of Swollen Tongue.

Swollen Tongue Symptoms

Swollen Tongue is not itself a disease, but a symptom of some underlying health disorder or disease. Apart from a swollen, distended tongue, one may also experience pain in the organ with certain difficulties in chewing and swallowing the food. It can also develop tongue lesion over a period of time. However, some other symptoms may be experienced, which includes mild cough, vomiting, and diarrhea, cramps and abdominal pain, runny nose or sneezing. Some other symptoms may also occur like fever, change in the color of the tongue, goiter, headache, spitting of blood, and other symptoms of hypothyroidism. Certain serious life-threatening symptoms can also include blue color of the fingernails and lips, swelling around lips and eyes, becoming unresponsiveness, immense distress and trauma, nausea and vomiting, rashes, low blood pressure, respiratory problems, and others. It is important to consult a doctor immediately when you experience such symptoms along with a Swollen Tongue.

Treatment of Swollen Tongue

Swollen Tongue often leads to some emergency situations, and can only be treated with an epinephrine injection under the consultation of a doctor. However, the action of such injection may vary based on the cause of such swelling. The treatments and medications for a Swollen Tongue vary from the causes, and needs to be accurately diagnosed before starting any treatment. Several antibiotics and steroids are also used in treating the pain and other discomforts of a distended tongue. However, it is important to avoid contact of the component or medicine in cases of allergic Swollen Tongue.

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